US Tax Filing for Manufacturing/US Retail businesses/Companies|US Bookkeeping for Manufacturing.

Income Tax Preparation & Compliance for all types of businesses and individuals

Tax is at the core of our business. What makes working with us a unique experience is that we’re able to connect dots and tie various pieces of information (related to where clients are spending their resources and where they ought to) together to understand the larger picture. Tax compliance is a requirement, and we’re here to do that for you, but in the process of getting all the required information together to handle accounting and bookkeeping, we’re able to provide tax consulting as well. Essentially, we can step in and simply help with tax compliance, but once we do that, we’re in a great position to provide complex advice as well.


Our tax services for corporate clients include:

  • Day-to-day tax matters that include replying to various tax notices and providing necessary tax support on regular tax matters.
  • Management of tax records and reports in both Soft and Hard files including documentation.
  • Tax compliance that includes advance and estimated Income tax calculations and deposits
  • Compilation of tax details for audit and support to the auditors.
  • We provide all necessary information to statutory auditors or management auditors in relation to tax matters.
  • Consulting on various matters


We offer personal taxation consultancy services like personal tax planning, personal tax services, tax compliance and advisory services that cover the following:

  • Personal Tax Consulting.
  • Personal Tax Services compliance
  • Estimate and Advance Tax computations
  • Compilation of tax details for audit and support to the auditors.
  • Representation before the Tax authorities related to tax assessments, refunds or other matters.
  • We guide in getting various tax registrations that includes Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • Tax Advisory