US Tax Filing for Manufacturing/US Retail businesses/Companies|US Bookkeeping for Manufacturing.

International Tax Filing and consulting pertaining to India in particular

We specialize in crossborder issues- analysis, reporting and compliance. We are able to provide clients the ability to work with one firm with filing needs in both countries. Our team is well versed and attuned to understand the tax nuances in India to ensure that our clients get the best outcome in terms of tax credits and deductions as possible

Group Structuring (with special emphasis on the most worldwide tax efficient corporate structure)

ESOP Design and implementation (in multiple jurisdictions)

Tax Residency considerations (with careful consideration of the Dual Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) and the Income tax regulations). Some of the countries we have worked on are Ireland, UK, Canada, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, USA.

EB-5 consultation (including assistance in the form of establishing source of funds, vetting the financial worthiness of the proposals, and matching it against risk profile of the client to obtain employment based Immigration Visa).